Why Composites?

Molded composites are best utilized when particular physical properties are required, and thermoplastics or metals don't meet performance requirements.
Molded Composites are:

  • Stronger & Stiffer than Thermoplastics
  • Lighter than Aluminum & Steel
  • Non-Conductive of Heat & Electricity
  • Resistant to Chemicals & UV Light
  • Resistant to Extreme Heat & Cold
  • Lower Cost than many Engineering Grade Thermoplastics

GlobeComposites® Materials


  • Specially engineered molding compounds to improve acoustic properties.  It's characteristics include strength, rigidity and density with no tinning, refraction or echoes.

SMC - Sheet Molding Compound

  • SMC is available in long glass or carbon filled sheet. The resin matrix can be polyester, vinylester or epoxy, and fiber fill can be from 15% to 63% by weight. It is utilized for many high-strength applications as well as body panels on automobiles.

BMC - Bulk Molding Compound

  • This material is usually supplied in long glass-filled versions of polyester, vinylester, epoxy, or phenolic, and is supplied in bulk form or extruded to shapes. It is lower in strength and cost compared to SMC. BMC is utilized extensively for electrical as well as high-quality appearance applications.

Granular Thermosetting Compounds

  • The original, short-glass versions have been around for years. These materials are usually used in injection or transfer molding applications. Typical polymers utilized are melamine, phenolic, epoxy, or diallyl phthalate (DAP).

GlobeComposites® Material Details

Tensile Strength

  • Since materials are typically designed and formulated to the application, they can be as strong as required, yet still cost effective. Tensile strength ranges from 5 KSI to over 50 KSI.

Relative Flex Modulus

  • SMC and BMC materials are much stiffer than thermoplastics and nearly as stiff as aluminum.

Relative Density

  • Molded composite materials can range from 35% - 100% more dense than thermoplastics, and they are 30% less dense than aluminum.