Globe Transistor Mounting Pads

Since 1975, Globe Plastics has produced low-cost Transistor Mounting Pads to protect transistors from shock and vibration, maintain uniform spacing, avoid damage from dip soldering and moisture entrapment. They are molded from Diallyl Phthalate (DAP) or Nylon 6/6.

Originally governed by the MIL-M38527 specification, this electronic hardware is now controlled by DSCC under CID-A-A-55485.

Globe produces over 300 different part numbers and maintains an inventory of over 1 million parts, for immediate delivery to our Customers, worldwide.

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General Requirements (PDF - 26KB)
Globe Drawings
Transistor Mounting Pad Distributors

A-A-55485/01 - .100 Diameter
Pin Center
A-A-55485/02 - .200 or.230 Diameter
Pin Center
A-A-55485/03 - Lead Conversion .100 Diameter. to a Larger Diameter
A-A-55485/04 - Lead Conversion .200 or .230 Diameter to a Larger Diameter
A-A-55485/05 - Lead Conversion .200 or .230 Diameter to a Grid Pattern
A-A-55485/06 - For Relays and Discrete Components
A-A-55485/07 - Mounting Pads for Multiple Applications
A-A-55485/10 - Lead Conversion .200 Diameter Pin Center
A-A-55485/11 - Mounting Pads,
Vertical Type

Transistor Mounting Pads

DSCC Cross Reference

AFE Cross Reference

APX Cross Reference

Bivar Cross Reference

Delbert Blinn Cross Reference

Micro Dimensional Cross Reference

Teknational Cross Reference

Thermalloy Cross Reference

Molding Materials & General Notes

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Globe T-Pads are manufactured with the highest quality and most current materials available. The definitions and specifications for these materials continues to evolve and improve as more international standards are adopted. As these newer standards are adopted the older standards are no longer maintained and are obsoleted. Therefore, Globe Plastics may not be able to certify our T-Pads to older, obsolete standards as may be required by some older drawings or documents. As this process is ongoing, it is possible that Globe Plastics may have T-Pads in inventory that conform to the older specifications, but we cannot manufacture new T-Pads to these requirements.

In order for Globe Plastics to continue to supply the highest quality products we must require that any T-Pad orders be placed to Globe Part Numbers or documents that specify the available materials. Otherwise, orders can be accepted by exception to the source document, as noted on your purchase order.

Currently most of our Nylon T-Pads (-1) cannot be certified to the requirements of CID A-A-55485 because the Nylon material requirement is obsolete. The DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) is currently revising this specification and it is expected to be published in May 2011.

Accordingly, most T-Pads cannot be certified to the obsolete MIL-M-38527 and many of the cross referenced manufacturers' part numbers since most of these documents are obsolete. We are happy to reference these parts on our documentation for informational purposes only so our Customers can still cross reference these parts for form, fit and function.

Please contact Globe Plastics Customer Service with any questions, or for more information.

Globe (-1) and DSCC (N) Suffix

Nylon ASTM D-6779 PA0111
Nylon ASTM D4066 PA0111 - Some Inventory (Contact Customer Service for Information)
Nylon 66 material is no longer manufactured and certified to either of the obsolete specifications, MIL-M-20693 or ASTM D-4066.

Globe (-2) and DSCC (D) Suffix

Diallyl Phthalate (DAP), thermosetting, ASTM D-5948 Type SDG-F
Diallyl Phthalate (DAP), thermosetting, MIL-M-14 - Some Inventory (Contact Customer Service for Information)
DAP is no longer manufactured and certified to the obsolete specification, MIL-M-14.


Dimensions are in inches.

Tolerances, unless otherwise specified, are ± .005 for decimals and ±1° on angles. A .010 radius is permissible on corners and edges. A 1° draft is permitted on sides.

Color. Unless otherwise specified in the acquisition document, the color of the pads is optional at the discretion of the manufacturer. Exception: Nylon (type N) pads shall not be black.

Feet. Unless otherwise specified in the applicable drawing, feet shape may be either cylindrical or spherical at the option of the manufacturer.

Gate protrusion. Gate protrusion (filling point of mold) shall not exceed .010 inch over the maximum outside diameter of the pad.

Through-hole flash. For parts made of all materials except DAP, the flash ring shall not extend into any through-hole more than .005 inch. The maximum flash ring for DAP parts shall be .002 inch.

Through-hole countersink. A countersink is optional at the discretion of the manufacturer. If provided, the dimensions of the countersink shall be as specified in the applicable drawing.

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