Custom Injection Molding of a LED Step Light Housing

A customer in the lighting industry contracted Globe Plastics to manufacture a custom LED step light housing. Utilizing an advanced 300 ton injection molding machine and modular 1 cavity mold, the step light housings were fabricated with a highly developed thermoset injection molding process.

The units were composed of a black UL listed bulk molding compound (BMC) and featured cost saving molded-in inserts and threads. The materials used in conjunction with the molding process were easily able to maintain the tolerance requirement of ± 0.005" and shrinkage allowance of 0.0015", as well as the 320º F. temperature requirement. Quality and product integrity were assured with in-process and post production testing, including pressure, mechanical measurement, and leak tests. Overall maximum dimensions for the 3 sizes of finished parts were 12" in length 3" in width, 4" in height, with a wall thickness of 0.156", and an overall weight of 454 grams. Typical lead time for a project of this nature is 10-12 weeks for tooling and 4-6 weeks for molded components. Globe produces 20,000 step lights annually, shipped to the customer in California.

For more information about this step lighting fabrication project, or the other structural and high performance GlobeComposites® manufacturing capabilities available, please see the table below or contact Globe directly.

Custom LED Step Light Housing Project Details

Product Description
LED Step Lights
Precision Injection Molding Capabilities Applied/Processes
    Thermoset Injection Molding - 1 Cavity Mold
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
300 Ton Injection Molding Machine
Overall Part Dimensions
Product Length: 12"
Product Width: 3"
Product Height: 4"
Product Weight: 454 grams
Tightest Tolerances
± 0.005"
Shrinkage Allowance: 0.0015"
Maximum Clamping Force: 300 Ton
Material Used
UL listed Bulk Molding Compound (BMC)
Material Thickness: 0.156"
Material Finish
Color: Black
Special Features
Molded-in inserts, molded in threads
In process testing/inspection performed
Mechanical measurement
Industry for Use
20,000 annually
Delivery/Turnaround Time
4-6 weeks
Delivery Location
Standards Met
Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing