Compression Molding of Multi-Part Phasing Plugs

The project highlighted here demonstrates the diversity of Globe Plastics manufacturing capabilities, and their ability to apply precision molding processes to complex, precision applications. Globe was recently contracted by an audio industry customer to fabricate multi-part phasing plugs, which are designed to enhance sound performance. A 5-cavity family mold was usedf for this high volume application to directly replace a die cast process.

AcoustaComp® composite molding compound was molded in an advanced 150 ton compression molding machine; in conjunction with precision molds, the ±0.002" tolerances and 0.0015" shrinkage allowances were easily maintained. The parts were then bonded and assembled robotically and finished utilizing precision CNC machining to maintain a critical feature tolerance of ±.0005. Thorough in-process testing and inspections were carried out, including CMM, optical comparator, and drop indicators. Measurements of the semi-gloss finished part were 3" in diameter, 2" in height, and a weight of 220 grams, with wall thickness that ranged from 0.375" to 0.050". Turnaround time for this project was 4-6 weeks for parts, with 10,000 units shipped annually to the customer in Mexico.

For more details about this phasing plug project, or the other high performance multi-operational composite molding capabilities available, please see the table below or contact Globe directly.

Multi-Part Phasing Plug Project Details

Product Description
These components are used to enhance sound performance
Compression Molded Capabilities Applied/Processes
    Compression Molding - 5 Cavity Mold
CNC Machining
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
150 Ton Compression Molding Machine
Overall Part Dimensions
Product Diameter: 3.00"
Product Height: 2.00"
Product Weight: 220grams ± 1 gram
Tightest Tolerances
0.002 on Surface Profile
Shrinkage Allowance: 0.0015
Maximum Clamping Force: 80 tons
Material Used
AcoustaComp® Composite Molding Compound
  • Material Thickness: 0.375" - 0.050" Wall Thickness
Material Finish
In process testing/inspection performed
CMM, Optical Comparator, Drop Indicators
Industry for Use
Professional Audio
10,000 per Year
Delivery/Turnaround Time
1 Week
Delivery Location
Standards Met
Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing